March 2012

Columbus Jobless Numbers Aren't Cooperating

According to reports, the state of Ohio recently posted its lowest unemployment rate in more than three years for the month of January. That is good news for the state that has struggled significantly under the demise of various industrial industries in the city. However, the Columbus area is not seeing the same benefits.

The state has an unemployment rate of 7.7 percent as of most reports for the month of January. That is down from the 7.9 percent it was at in the month of December. This is an adjusted figure for seasonal employment. The Columbus area has a current unemployment rate of 7.6 percent for the month of January, which is up a significant amount from the 6.4 percent it was at in the month of December. However, Columbus does have one of the lower rates compared to other counties.

Columbus Job Growth Could Slow, Economists Warn

In some areas of Columbus, job growth has been moderate at best. The increase in jobs is not seasonally related, but it could be hampered if there is a continuous strain on employers. City officials are taking steps to reduce the costs businesses have to pay in the hopes of reducing the risk of many leaving. However, not all costs are controllable. Rather, some costs, like the increase in fuel costs, could stop employers from hiring additional employees. Due to the increase in costs, some companies may be apt to slow hiring to reduce overall operational costs.