January 2012

Columbus Job Market – Do You Smoke? It Could Matter

In Columbus and throughout the state of Ohio, the opening of casinos is leading to a number of different reactions. Many people are happy to see the facilities opening up because they provide a clear way to add more jobs to the region. However, getting those positions may be harder than you think. In fact, if you smoke, you are already out of the running in some cases.

According to some reports, those who use nicotine packages, smoke or chew tobacco are out of the running for the more than 3200 casino jobs coming to Columbus and Toledo. The company behind the casinos, Penn National, will begin hiring for these positions this year. More so, it is not just about asking if you smoke. The company will be testing those who apply for it and disqualifying those that do. Workers will be subject to random testing during their employment, too.

Columbus Job Market – Do Job Fairs Really Work?

In Columbus, the job market is seeing improvement. The city is working on improving relations between employers and the unemployed to increase the number of people in the type of career positions they want. Job fairs may be a good thing. That is what was recently learned in that some 1200 Columbus area citizens are in jobs right now through the efforts of job fairs occurring in the city since September of last year. Could these be where you need to be to get a job?

The Job Fair Options

The Columbus job market is one that is in desperate need of additional employment. As an unemployed individual what steps do you take to find a job? Do you head to the job fairs? Some do not stating that doing so is likely to get them very few potential leads. There are companies there that are looking to add sales team members or to add representatives that pay very little. Other businesses are lacking in career-level positions and rather represent minimal effort.