December 2011

Columbus Job Market - Kmart Closing Causes Job Scramble

In the Columbus job market, many factors are playing a role in whether or not individuals can find jobs. One of the keys to improving the conditions in the city is to see a reduction in the number of companies cutting jobs and slicing into their staff. However, this week additional news broke that will lead to 40 to 80 lost jobs in the Columbus area with two Kmart locations closing.

Retail Job Outlook

Columbus, like in other areas of the country, will likely see a drop in the number of retail positions available in the area. After the holidays, it is almost always the case that individuals will see a reduction in employment within the retail sector. However, the news this week of the two Kmart locations closing is not a good thing. It will mean additional retail jobs cut at a time of the year where most employers are already cutting back temporary or seasonal jobs.

Columbus Job Market: Shale Gas to Add Jobs


The Columbus job market may see significant improvements in the coming years, especially if things go as well as experts say. Shale gas may be the biggest benefit to the area in a long time, in terms of where jobs will be located. According to some, though, shale gas may or may not provide the job improvements promised by government officials. What is the truth?

Ohio Jobless Claims Drop

With the largest single month drop in nearly 30 years, the Ohio unemployment rate reduction may be good news for a struggling region. The Columbus job market is likely to benefit, too. During the month of November, the state's joblessness indicator dropped to 8.5 percent, a full half percent from October's numbers. This is according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The last time the area saw such a large drop was in 1983.

Inserting Money In The City

To make Columbus, Ohio a place you will want to go to and have fun in.

In order for Columbus to try to reinvent itself and to bring in more people and jobs, the city has decided that it would be best to reinvest in itself. In other words, they are taking more money from the allotted budget and they are putting it back into the city to use for development and to bring in tourists and other businesses. The whole goal of this plan is to market to people that this needs to be a destination city. A place you will want to go and see and have fun in.