May 2011

Ohio Cuts Result in Loss of Hundreds of Education Jobs

Millions of dollars are being cut from two of the major school districts of Columbus, Ohio soon—and in the process, so will hundreds of full time education jobs, including those of at least 75 teachers.

Even more teachers will be losing their jobs in the area of Dayton, with at least 140 teachers being cut from the district under a massive $9 million spending cut. We’re all left with one question (aside from the ridiculousness of cutting teachers instead of, say, politicians), and that is without all of these teachers, who is going to teach the kids of Ohio?

Columbus College Kids Cheat, Hope to Get Ahead

Remember how much of a big deal cheating was to us in school? In high school, I was one of those pretentious kids who would never cheat and made it hard for other kids who tried. I wasn’t so much a rat as a crusader against cheating; I remember moving papers over my own, moving my head along with the movements of a cheater attempting to look at both my paper and my neighbor’s, and plenty of other things that must have made me unbearable.