Largest Ohio Union and State Come to Agreement

Largest Ohio Union and State Come to Agreement

The Columbus job market is similar to that of other major cities throughout the country- bleak. However, some may find that they reached an agreement between the state of Ohio and its largest union is welcoming. The union, the largest state employee union came to a deal with the state on November 15, which in effect extends the current contract through 2015. This is the first move after the defeat of the state's contentious union law just last week.

The union, the Ohio Civil Service Employees Associate, based in Columbus, announced the tentative agreement. It was thrilled with the repeal of the law that limited the negotiate power of the union. This agreement came with still three months to go prior to the old contract expiring. Some were calling the fast move an unprecedented one.

The law that was repealed by some 61 percent of voters, limited the collective bargaining rights of those who worked for the state or other agencies. It included state employees, firefighters, teachers and public workers, who account for some 350,000 people in the state.

There are changes to the contract. First, state employees would not see a wage increase for the next three years during which the contract was in place. And, while the previous law required that all state employees contribute 15 percent towards health care costs, this was already a part of the contract. However, with the repealing of the law, workers could not negotiate the terms of the health care provided.

The Columbus job market does not increase for this, and some still remain worried about the risk of layoffs since the Ohio budget is limited.